3 Best Georgia Road Trip for Dog Owners

Best Georgia Road Trip for Dog Owners

We scoured the internet and surveyed Georgia pet parents for the best Georgia road trip for dog owners. We found that everyone loves adventure.

There’s nothing better than having the freedom to take your dog with you on a road trip.

By creating a pet-friendly itinerary, you can help remove challenges of “no pets allowed.”

The Three Best Georgia Road Trip for Dog Owners

Historic Jekyll Island, Georgia

The Jekyll Island historic district is rich in Georgia’s original history. It has museums, “cottages” (millionaire mansions), shopping, restaurants and Historic Jekyll Islandpicturesque beaches. Jekyll Island was purchased by wealthy families as a private retreat by membership only.

Its owners were the Rockefellers, Cranes, Goulds, and Morgans. At one point the club represented 1/6 the of the world’s riches.

Since 1947 the State of Georgia has owned and managed Jekyll Island. At that time it became established as a Georgia State Park and is very pet-friendly.

There is a $5.00 parking fee to enter due to the State Park status. The beaches are clean, uncrowded and makeup one of the best Georgia road trip for dog owners.

Fetch Park and Icehouse, Atlanta Georgia

Fetch Park and Icehouse Fetch Icehouse and Bark Park is a new concept to the Atlanta scene. Its owner is former Atlanta Falcon’s player Garrett Reynolds.

The concept combines a dog park, a Texas-style icehouse and a restaurant geared toward pet owners.

How cool is it to be able to grab a beer and burger while road tripping with your dog?

Phase 1 of “Fetch” opened in October of 2017 with phase 2 completion in January of 2018.

Fetch has one and a quarter acres of Friday night fun with your pooch under one roof.

A 20+ beer selection and a well-rounded menu makes for great drinks and eats.

Your pet must be spayed or neutered for entry. You’re required to sign a “non-aggressive” waiver.

Fetch is the newest hot spot for the best Georgia road trip for dog owners. Fetch Park has a monthly membership fee of $20 or offer a day pass for a $10 fee.

There is also a “Bark Ranger” to ensure good dog behavior while in the park.

Oliver Bentleys Historic Dog Walk Tour, Savannah, Georgia

Oliver Bentley’s historic dog walk tour was designed with the best Georgia road trip for dog owners in mind. Oliver Bentley's Historic Dog Walk Tour

The dog walk tour is 90 minutes long. It takes you and your pet through the historic Savannah Georgia district.

Whether you’re looking to soak up history and nature or taking a fun stroll with your dog, this tour should be on your “to do” list.

Ollie B’s also gives out a complimentary sample of their branded dog treats at the end of your tour.

Adding pet-friendly lodging can turn your day trip into an overnight adventure.

All areas of the best Georgia road trip for dog owners mentioned above are also near pet-friendly resorts and hotels.

Do you know of another best Georgia road trip for dog owners not listed? Let us know below.

Image source: Pixabay

Georgia Road Trip for Dog Owners

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